Always Sunday

Always Sunday

Always Sunday is a design podcast where I sit down with other creatives to talk about design, productivity, and interesting stories along their journey.

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    Lessons learned in my first year creating content

    As a designer, it’s easy to want to make things perfect before putting them out. After all, all of our favorite products are well polished and full of delightful details. And all of that is great unless it prevents you from actually starting and reaching your goals.

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    Trailer: Talking about good design

    I'm kicking off Season 2 with a quick conversation about design. While the 1st season focused on my day-to-day work in the form of a public standup, season 2 will bring a few changes along with it that include a new podcast name, brand, show format, and featured guests.

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    Doing the work

    In this episode, I talk about how David Lynch drags the audience through a scene to prove a point and what we can take away from it.

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    Heads down and focused

    In this episode, I talk about organizing projects with Asana for the sake of order not scheduling. I'm also focused on making progress on projects before the end of the week.

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